Pentatonic Scale Guitar Solo Trainer
Pentatonic Scale Guitar Solo Trainer book

The Pentatonic Scale Guitar Solo Trainer is an Easy to learn Box Pattern Kit, Book and CD/Downloadable Tracks to help you master the Pentatonic Scales for Guitar.

Learn and follow with video instruction below.

Here's how it works...

By using simple hole punched patterns, the kit makes it easy to teach yourself to solo in place of knowing how to read standard notation or deep music theory!

A colorful, fretboard diagram card shows where to line up the patterns on the neck. All you do is put the box patterns anywhere on the fretboard chart and play part or all of the patterns as a solo!

The book clearly shows how to use the patterns and gives step by step examples, illustrations, audio narration and follow-along songs to practice with. Follow along with video instruction too!

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About the Kit, Book and CD

As a guitar instructor, my impatient students of all ages wanted to learn how to solo on guitar quickly and without a lot of music theory or learning to read notation.
With trial and error, I came up with this Kit as an easy to understand, effective way to teach the Pentatonic Scales visually.
Students were able to play solos quickly, with no instruction from me.
It also was informative for my self-taught students that wanted to be more clear on how the Pentatonic Scales worked.
This is also a great way for professional guitar teachers to aid their student's understanding of the Pentatonic Scales with pre-designed lesson plans. No more hand written lessons.
The Kit comes with 5 hole punched patterns, a fretboard chart, 28-page direction book, and CD/Downloadable audio with explanation and play along examples for $29.95.
From a fellow guitar player and instructor, this has been the easiest way to teach and learn pentatonic scales for guitar. I hope that you will try it!
Thank you for your visit!
Rick Mollindo

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Video Lessons

Overview of the Pentatonic Scale Guitar Solo Trainer Book and Kit Video 1

Learn how the course was developed for guitar students and how to use it to learn soloing for guitar

Learn Six Important Terms
Video 2

Learn the Terms: Note, Sharps & Flats, Scale, Pentatonic Scale, Key, Root Notes and How to Choose Root Notes to learn soloing for guitar

How to place a Box Pattern on the Fret Board Chart using a Root Note Video 3

Learn how to place a Box Pattern Guide on the Fret Board Chart according to a Root Note from a Key. Play all 12 notes from that Pattern with a backing track

First Blues Solo: C Minor Pentatonic Scale Video 4

Practice the First Solo using Pattern 1 on "C" Root Notes

Second Blues Solo C Minor Pentatonic Scale, Move Up the Neck Video 5

Practice the Second Solo using Pattern 2 on "C" Root Notes Frets 3 to 6

Third Blues Solo C Minor Pentatonic Scale Moving Higher Video 6

Practice the Third Solo using Pattern 3 on Frets 5 to 8

Fourth Blues Solo C Minor Pentatonic Scale Moving Higher Video 7

Practice the Fourth Solo using Pattern 4 on Frets 8 to 11

Introduction Video 1 min Animation

Learn the basics on how the Kit works

Root Notes 1 min Animation

Learn what Root Notes are and how to use them

Major Pentatonic Scales 1 min Animation

Learn how to change to the Country sound

Playing past the 12th Fret 1 min Animation

Learn how to play the patterns past the 12th Fret

Read some kind words about the Pentatonic Scale Guitar Solo Trainer...

Jon S. CA: I've been playing the guitar for over fifty years. I did have knowledge of the pentatonic scale, but it was very stale to me and really didn't give me the whole picture. I needed a way of looking at scales and how they related to what I needed to do (moving up and down the neck).
Your book/kit gives me that "view" and allows me to decide what form I want to use, because I can see how to get into and out of it. This is certainly one of the book's many strengths, you have the fret board laid out in front you and you can see the pattern.
Head and shoulders above other books and flipcharts. It not only teaches scales, but it is a real tool for allowing me the freedom to create in different keys and chord shapes, and I have the answers right there at my fingertips. I not only would recommend the book/kit to others, but I already have. Regards. Jon S. CA ***

Rudy F. :Your Solo Trainer is a great concept and it immediately helped me link a scale to a blues cord progression in the various notes (A, E....etc). The trainer is easy to read, understand and for some reason, the punch hole/fret board tools do an amazing job at orienting the scale notes on the guitar. I can't explain it but never had a music book before that connected what I was seeing/reading with my finger positions as effective as the Guitar Solo Trainer. Thanks for the trainer Rick. ***

David L. Therapist: I'm over 60 and never thought I could really learn to play the guitar, but what a great surprise after trying "Guitar Solo". It's fun and exciting. I feel like I can play with the best! Believe me, if I could do it my age, anyone can. Look out it's a whole new world, Rock & Roll forever! ***

Nathan L. 15: The book is very descriptive and really teaches you a whole lot, but at the same time is quick and easy. The CD is great because you can play along to the songs in it. The pattern guides make learning easy fun. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn how to master the fretboard and the scales. ***